Some Post-Election Thoughts

by Justin Honaker

In this time of political turnover, we must remember that these riots and violent protests are being perpetrated by the basest element of (I hesitate to call them) Americans.

The reason for my hesitation is my belief that to be an American is more than just where you were born or where you live. “American” is a mindset, too. One where Law and Justice are just as important as Rights and Liberty. Because without one you can not have the other.

Many Americans are upset, even angry. Some are angry about the direction we’ve been going for the last several years. Others are angry about the new direction we appear to be headed. That is our right. We have the right to disagree with each other, including about government. We have the right to speak out about our beliefs, including our political beliefs, without being punished for it.

Lawlessness is not a right. We have the right to peaceably assemble, not to riot. We have the right to be secure in our possessions, not to destroy the property of others. Riots and violent protests are not American behavior.

We lawful Americans, of all political stripes, need to disavow such behavior. We will disagree on many things, many issues. But it should be done in a healthy manner. Debate, advocacy, petitions, etc. Learn about the issues, understand them, be able to speak intelligently about them. Examine your own positions on the issues. Why do you believe what you believe? Are your beliefs self-consistent? Truth is self-consistent; your beliefs, and not just your political ones, should be, too.

Do not judge by association. Most Republicans are not David Duke. Most Democrats are not rioting. Most of us independents are not hippies. Do not let politics and politicians ruin your friendships.